Join us in helping real people in need this Christmas.

My work with the homeless community began about 8 years ago. During that time I have researched every possible method for giving that is in fact effective, including taking a huge pay reduction to work at Phoenix Rescue Mission for a year. What I found is many public resources do not effectively help the homeless on a personal level, however there are a few out there that are focused on this mission ( like this one ).

Phoenix homeless shelters are often a home for people who are struggling with issues like drug addiction and mental health treatment, not to mention capacity. They are often overfull. This forces many homeless people, including women and children to have to sleep on the streets.

Every year we gather up much needed supplies like; basic hygiene products, women's hygiene, thermal socks, hats and blankets to be delivered on Christmas morning before our families get up!

If you want to help there are 3 options.

  1. Register here to help us distribute the kits | Click Here
  2. Donate money so we can buy more kits ( this is 100% tax deductible via our real non profit ( YHOH ) | Click Here
  3. Purchase the following items and have them shipped to our office :
or you can buy any gear from our store and the money will be used for this project. :) 

Attention: DESOTO LLC
14780 W Mountain View Blvd Suite 212,
Surprise, AZ 85374

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