The Preface:

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not one to suggest that there are mass conspiracy agendas implemented by the elite in our world. I must also add that there is plenty of evidence favoring the sometimes dramatized theories we have all made privy. In other words, for one to discount the possibility that the powers that be cannot set in motion events to change the course of humanity is foolish.

I, for one, do believe that the answer to this perplexing dilemma may lie somewhere in the gray area. That area of hazy perception would suggest that,  yes, there exist agendas held by the elite; however, they may not span the entire compass of our existence, nor may this global pandemic even be a catalyst in this counterintuitive prospectus.

However, I am one who would consider the purposeful collaboration of the powers that be when as it relates to issues that may be in union with the political vision collectively held by those who have a role of leadership as it relates to a global economy a genuine possibility.

So much so that we must take the time to look at recent events from a distance. There has been confusion laying in the messages that we receive from the media as to the virus's severity contradicting the massive turns in societal mandates displayed overseas—subtle prescriptions in the updates from the CDC and preset warnings quilted in support from our President. Things like small business assistance due to lost work and an agreement from the healthcare elite on no co-payments.

The Big Question:

What is the actual severity of the underlying condition that faces all of humanity? I believe the message is clear, yet as the pens of history have so clearly dictated. That message, which does all but alleviates plausible deniability, is preparing us for a tremulous time. At best for those who tend to read between the lines.

We have to ask ourselves a series of questions that I, for one, do feel, are very relevant. Like, why the panic? Is this panic due to the ignorance of the people, or is it a natural cognitive response to the subtle overtones of the propaganda?

In other words, are we subconsciously rendering the reality that we are about to deal with masked by the controls initiated to prevent an even more drastic emotional response, which could lead to chaos? I  am not one hundred percent positive, yet, as it relates to the pandemics potential threat.

What I am entirely sure of is the scholastic weaving of informational correspondence that has been shared with us thus far. The facts are conveyed in such a subtle manner, which leads me to believe we do have a disaster at our doorstep.  

I relate this to a pastor who upholds the tenants of John Calvin, who intertwines the doctrines of Tulip in a way that that the discerning and educated ear can make the correlation. Yet, the laymen in the pew do not have a clue as to the hidden overtones all because of the assumption that the average person cannot understand the academic hierarchy of the higher meanings being oh so cleverly conveyed.

But what is the absolute threat that has been bestowed so quickly upon collective humanity? The issue of viral calamity has been a topic carefully monitored since the days of the black plague. Is a virus whose numbers are minor compared to the common flu the real villain? Maybe. Perhaps we are not being made aware of the cumulative results of the virus, which may trample the current data we face related to cellular demons we can relate to.

The Truth? 

That may be the simple truth in its entirety. If that is the case, we must take the appropriate measures to do the best we can to survive. I will not make an adversarial approach to this logic, and life is worth preserving, given the culpability we all hold in our daily lives.  We should all carry the responsibility of where we direct our snot and how we contain the cleanliness of our hands as a priority.

But what if?

What if there is an agenda? What if that agenda is being missed by the common, an Illuminati chessboard to which we are all the unsuspecting pawns? I am not saying there is, what I am saying is that there is a potential world-changing event that we all must be aware of, that are occurring under the potential guise of our well being.

Social isolation has been the prescribed preventative measure that is carrying a consistent tone across all channels—called by a variety of names such as quarantine and avoiding crowded areas. Significant events canceled, and travel at large from abroad halted. Superficially one could derive the immediate benefits from not gathering in a micronic orgasm filled box. Yes, this is a sound practice in the short term.

However, I highly urge you to take a hard look at the long term effects of socially isolating a society, all societies, global societies. The results are worth noting, especially given the myriad of accepted policy changes we have all too recently experienced, given the loud small voices of the select few communities who take on the peacenik role of foot-stomping followed by an influx of Kleenex being used to wipe the unfair tears that have made them victims.

Social isolation leads to a reduction of community, collaboration, and education: mental health issues and a much broader chance of influencing public opinion as a whole. Pacifism and compliance would become a famous collective. Take some time to look into this yourself, do not take my notes as factual. All I am merely trying to do is get people to think outside the proverbial box.

I would encourage everyone to pay close attention to the big picture and keep an open ear to the push for social isolation as a larger objective. I may be typing here with my venti pikes for no reason at all other than getting my thoughts on this topic out of my head.

A few other potential matters that may or may not be relevant are a reaction to multi-location and viable terrorist threats, population reduction, and then again it may merely be a virus; however, they currently have vaccines used for livestock, and the infection is clearly labeled on the back of a Lysol can.  

One last thing to consider, as the news progresses and allows us to have a deeper understanding as to why the chaos emits. We cannot lose sight of the perspectives proposing the "facts".  As things become more uncomfortable, we will see tell tale signs as to what an agenda may be, ie. claims made against a country or party for various reason eluding to a source. Keep in mind, whenever there is an agenda worth noting, typically in our history there is a distraction worth dissecting.

Then again, there may be some truth to it. If that is the case, a collectively unified community will become vital, and it just so happens that the word church is defined as such—and perhaps the book of Revelation is true - something to chew on.

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