OK, let's go ahead and open this can of worms...

Let's talk about Abortion.

Even though there have been many perspectives on this conversation, abortion is still one of those topics where I honestly feel like logic and reasoning get lost.

Let me explain what I mean.

The facts.

One problem is that people often neglect the facts when it comes to issues that stir up passionate response.  The truth is not always easy to swallow, nor is it always welcomed.

Especially when the delicate subjects maturity and culpability are at issue.

Notwithstanding those unique and rare circumstances when one may have a difficult complication which forces an honest assessment of a pregnancy (see exceptions to the rule), the majority of cases involving abortion are a question of one's ability to be either responsible, or irresponsible.

The truth is, the majority of abortions are committed in response to one's inability to accept responsibility for raising up another human being.

The reality.

There is no logical way to determine the exact moment when a fetus gains or loses its "human" status. Science continues to verify that a fetus in any stage of development is a human being. One in the process of becoming. Halting this process is equivalent to terminating a human life.  Calling this something other than "killing" would be illogical.

You enjoyed making the cake. So eat it.

A point that is rarely raised when discussing this topic, is that the majority of abortions seem to be committed as an act of birth control. As I see it, a way to avoid responsibility.

But, if an individual decides they are responsible enough to engage in the act of lovemaking, then they should be prepared to deal with the consequences that might follow a passionate evening of intimacy and Luther Vandross music. Responsibility matters.

It is amazing how often this simple fact is ignored — sex results in babies. And if you didn't know, I am happy to enlighten you.  We take such an irresponsible approach on this subject. I suspect it is actually a massive indicator of our society's general lack of intelligence. Why can't we can have access to Tinder, get drunk, and have a one night stand without any consequences? OK, maybe you are upset with your partner and look to get revenge, or maybe you are too young to fully understand the outcomes of your actions.  But regardless, if you are going to engage in sex, you need to be prepared to own all of the possible consequences. You nee to understand your culpability.

And yes, this article also applies to those of you who have a penis. The added pressure that is placed on a woman, even in favorable circumstances and during healthy pregnancy, is overwhelming as it is. Fellas, when you opt to put your manhood inside a female, realize that you are responsible for the outcome too. And you need to own it. Anything else is the behavior of a worthless tool-bag.

Christians and abortion.

This section is one that gets me really fired up.  

Yes, I agree that it is right to preserve the life of the child. However, it is not right to judge those women who are forced to make the decision. You don't know what set of difficult circumstances might have led them to make it.

Often times, the very decision becomes a lifelong regret for the woman. And like it or not, we all have plenty of planks to pluck from our own eyes before we start judging other human beings.  

What Christians should be doing is offering assistance to women in these situations — providing free guidance and love — so that women have a loving place to turn to when they feel alone and discouraged.  

With the amount of revenue being generated to purchase big church buildings, there ought to be more than a few  outreach programs like this — where women can go and be loved on throughout pregnancy. If women had these kinds of places to turn to I bet they'd be all the more likely to followed through with the pregnancy.  

There are a few outreaches that I have worked with in the past. They are so valuable and their results are amazing...and yet, they too struggle for funding and support. Christians need to put forth an earnest effort in this area.

Exceptions to the rule. Kinda.

This issue isn't always black and white. Life is life, no question. And yes, abortion is not right.  

But, I need to confess that I couldn't imagine having the maturity needed to take care of a child that was brought about from an act of rape or incest. There is no way I could ever look at a woman and blame her for not wanting to carry through such a pregnancy.

Yes, these are miserable situations. And the decision would still not be easy. But, understanding the difficulty of these particular cases, I think it is important for us to have a posture of mercy.

Having a relationship with God, and understanding the truth of His mercy and grace, I know that I would love a child no matter what events brought them into the world. However, this is, understandably, not easy for people. I have no right to judge a woman who was/is dealing with either of these circumstances.

As Christians, we are called to be a light in these situation and to show real love to people.

We are not called to take on the robe of justice.

Instead, we need to trust that God knows the situation full well. We need to believe that He will handle it correctly.

The bottom line.

Life is a gift from God. It is wrong to act irresponsibly with it. Abortion should not be available as a kind of "get out jail free" card.

Yet, if we are going to be judgemental and not encourage mature and healthy decision making as Christians and as parents, we are equally responsible for those lost souls. And if we share in culpability, how can we point the finger, or call the kettle black? The bottom line is that we can't.

I can't begin to imagine the strained debate that goes through a woman's mind when she is confronted with this difficult decision. Having to decide whether or not to end a life out of fear or uncertainty is a miserable place for anyone ever to be in. This strained journey of decision should be enough to bend anyone's heart towards empathy.

So, what is to be done here?

As people who know why it is wrong to end a human life, we need to attack the root of the problem.

But how?

First, people need to protest those who promote irresponsible sex. There needs to be picket lines in front of Tinder.  People also need to start supporting mature decision making, and they need to start holding parents accountable for teaching their kids what mature decision making looks like.

What can Christians do?

Now, I've been speaking abstractly here about "people" in general. But, honestly, it is churches who should be leading the charge on this front.

In the case of abortion, Christians so often only look at the final outcome and then complain accordingly. Very rarely do we look at the real causes of abortion.

Why? Well, it probably has something to due with the enormous amount of personal reflection we would have to do in order to look at those causes.  

There are probably some uncomfortable responsibilities we would need to accept as parents, teachers, pastors and elders.

It would take effort.

But, trust me, this added effort would be worth it.


The worst part about this whole mess is that a fetus has no voice in any of this conversation. They have no way to represent themselves.

I am willing to bet, if they had cellphones, EMT's would be code three to the table, without hesitation. Something to #chewon