Amazing Grace

Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like..

Over the years, one of, if not the biggest life lesson I have ever learned is that I am no better than anyone. Having worked professionally for the last 15 years at my consulting firm, specializing in helping companies profile their offering demographically. I have learned. That all people, regardless of their position in life have made mistakes.

When I met Jeff, I asked him directly how he got to this station in life. His response was heartfelt and honest. He put himself first, he put his wants ahead of his family and it eventually fell apart. The guilt of doing so is what led him to drink which led to losing his job, which led to him losing everything. Losing the most important thing in the world. Hope.

The gentlemen next him suffered from a post-traumatic stress disorder and have since passed.

There is no way you will ever know, could ever know simply by looking at another human. The ones who do with empathy have an inner peace that is unmatchable and extremely humbling.