Recently, a project for my consulting firm took me to the sacred land of Hidden Springs. Hidden Springs is just west of Tuba City, in Arizona. The rights to its land was negotiated from the Navajo Nation by the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe a long time ago.

It was just another day at the office.

I needed to take some photos for a new website I was building for the tribe. So, I went directly to the core of the tribe's homeland. I was there for business, no question, but I learned a long time ago to always maintain an open perspective to existence — life's special moments can drop in on you at any moment.

During this time had to take the above photo. These two are the youngest in the tribal community. Over time we have become good friends. Every visit to the tribal government's offices results in a happy reunion with them.

On this trip, I also had the privilege of taking my 9-year-old son Asher with me. He likes to take a few pictures himself (this is his favorite). Like father, like son. This trip was his first time going with me to the reservation. He had a blast.

Though I have been studying the art of perception for the last 20 plus years, this trip taught me even more. Little ones take things as they are, and their smiles reflect this fact. The context has no real affect on them. In their innocence, all that shows through in their responses is the love and nurturing that they've received throughout their lives.

At one point a little crew of dogs ran up to Asher. Some folks might've worried over the animals. Where they came from, were they safe to touch. Not Asher.

Innocence crosses barriers. This became clear to me when Asher engaged the loose pups.

All of these little ones I asked to pose for photos approached the world in a spirit of laugher and huge smiles. I remember this time fondly, as it acts as a model for the spirit of joy, even today.

Life is so precious. And every moment, whether professional or personal, is worth taking note of.

Receiving the beauty of life into your memory banks pays enormous dividends. Trust me.

- Sergio

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