I want to do two things with this post. One, encourage fathers to take control of their time and focus on building up their youngsters and two, show you how I managed to juggle these two key responsibilities in my life.

Get a mutual hobby.

I have tried my best over the years to get into something that not only did my kid's enjoy but I found a passion for. With my oldest son's it was powerlifting, with my youngest it is photography. The girls are a bit tougher but I will get into that topic in another post. ( We got this! )

Taken in WIlliamson Valley

Spend focused time.

With clear expectations, the first part of this adventure was all about me and Asher, or better yet, Asher and I. We had to go up north to visit with a client, which required work but... We left a day early and it became all about us bonding. We got up at 5 am on Friday morning and took the long way to Flagstaff.

Taken in Yarnell

Purposely use the time

The time spent had a very precise agenda. I wanted to hear about his world, his friends, his views and his challenges. We had a great conversation which led to me being able to interject on some things that we're going through is mind. On a different note, I spent time teaching him about some awesome Arizona History. We stopped at some very cool spots where we could discuss the various aspects of that mark in time.

Taken In Peeple's Valley

In Closing,

I encourage you as a Father to get purposeful with your time as it relates to your kids. I have so many regrets with my older kids and kick my self in the rear for not digging into this sooner. Keep in mind it is NEVER too late to get things going in the right direction.

Share how you engage your kids in the comment section! I would love to get some new ideas!