How much does a vehicle wrap cost is a great question.

A question worth spending some time clarifying. Like any other industry, vehicle wrap providers can vary tremendously in what they charge for this service. The best thing for you to know to make an informed decision is what it takes to create an effective vehicle wrap. A good vehicle wrap will drive your business to the next level.

Several key factors go into creating this phenomenal marketing piece that many shops overlook. However, once you know what you are looking for, your shopping experience will become easy. I will break these down, so you know what questions to ask.

The Creative Brief.

Unless you are a large brand with an internal marketing team that has done all the analytics needed to create the marketing tool, you are willing to invest a respectable amount of your hard earned money. This step is imperative. Your wrap needs to speak effectively to the right audience. These details need to be discovered, analyzed, and packaged in the most impactful way possible.  Your business speaks to a very direct demographic who responds best when the branding factors are right. Things like the message, color, logo size, and imagery all play a vital part in creating a vehicle wrap that works.

We do this with every new client.  

The Creative Process

The design process needs to be on purpose. Utilizing the creative brief, we have our clients complete and the tools we use to analyze it. We design a powerful tool that will drive an increase to your bottom line by using the proven marketing principles that your demographic loves. Yes, many shops have great designers who make things look nice but are those excellent designs presented so that your targeted audience will respond? The creative brief and professionally examined results are a must.

This process should involve a charge for the creative services rendered. Good graphic design is not free, and if there is no charge on your estimate, the provider may be embedding it in the quote. If the overall estimate is lower than other providers, you will get what you are paying for—mediocre branding.  The standard in this industry is one initial concept and two revisions.

The proofing process takes place using professional software designed to ensure you and the provider are on the same page. This process helps make sure huge mistakes do not happen, and your input is heard. Ask your provider how they handle the proofing process.

Side note, make sure that the terms and conditions of who owns the creative are made known in the estimation process.


There are several tools and materials used in making a quality vehicle wrap. These factors are one area where providers can cut costs, and the client will never know.

  • Is the facility temperature-controlled and clean?
  • What resolution does the printer use?
  • What type of printer is the provider using? Solvent or Water-based?
  • Are the materials premium or not?
  • Are you given the serial number of each film used?
  • Is production warranted?

Our facility produces vehicle wraps at the highest level using cleanroom technology, climate, and dust control. We use premium eco-friendly inks and printers set at the highest resolution as a standard. These factors are related to a premium product that will make you money.


Our founder created the standard testing for installer certification by working with companies like 3M, Avery, and Oracal. He wrote the standards and developed the installation training centers across the United States.  However, even if a shop claims that they are certified, that may not be the case. Many providers have one certified installer on staff and many who are not. And that does not mean that they have a base standard of doing the vehicle wrap installation at the highest detailed installation level.

We have a standard at our facility to remove any item from the vehicle that impedes the installation. We never skip this process, even if it means we hire a certified technician to come and remove and replace the parts. Projects like Lamborghini color changes require the use of our partners who specialize in these types of vehicles. We use the same standards on a Ford Truck, Chevy Van, or smart car. We install the vinyl as if it was a paint job—a must-have in the longevity of your vehicle wrap's professional presence.

The Delivery

What kind of warranty are you receiving with your vehicle wrap purchase? We have a standard here that every aspect of the installation and materials is guaranteed five years except the roof and hood. Color changes are a different story; we keep the original roll used on your wrap for one year for free repairs.  We also maintain your vehicle for one day after our owner signs off the install to check for any defects.

We deliver perfect vehicle wraps.

The cost

So back to the main question, what does it cost to wrap my vehicle? It all depends on the coverage you want (how much gets covered), the materials provided, and the artwork's effectiveness.  Vehicle wraps can range from $1500.00 for a full wrap to $3000.00 and even more for color changes.  Your job is to get a few quotes. Look at the details, see what you are getting and make sure it is clear about what goes into your precious brand's image.