Early 2012 I had spent some time helping a young man I met at met a youth center. This young man had come from a broken home and had some made some seriously poor life decisions. After being released from jail, he went to stay at the COTs men's shelter. He told me time and time again about a man named Albert who took him in and loved him unconditionally. Out and about one day during work I was close enough to the shelter to stop in and not only meet this man, but thank him for his kind-hearted treatment of the men at the shelter.

From that day forward I have dedicated much of my time and resources supporting Albert, I have met many people in my life that claim the identity of being a Christian. I have only met a few that live it out wholeheartedly. Albert is one of those few. The photo as a header was taken on a road trip I invited Albert to come along up north, he is such an awesome person to be around.

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