How the money we raise is used.

This event was a trade out / partnership with a local food truck. We worked with Jamburrito, an awesome mix of some creole love and some Mexican flare! Btw. The biggest blessing was when they showed up with all their family, a family that wholeheartedly served the homeless community with a very genuine heart.

Thanks to Jamburrito
The line was long and we served everyone who waited.

The  photo below speaks volumes, I met "Mama" while I was doing some street work in South Phoenix. We kept having some chance meetings throughout the year, this event was another one, she was usually not there.  I will write another post about my time with her soon, however, what many may not notice is she is standing, what many won't see is the effort it took for her to get up and the shaking she was trying to control while standing. She refused to stay seated for the photo, it was her way to say "thank you" this is a moment that I will never forget.

It is always amazing, the thing that happens in your soul when you truly help people, the response that is given when the help is a desperate need being addressed. The authentic response will move your soul. I promise.