Most of us take our beds for granted. This is not the case at Church On The Street Rescue mission.  This mission takes the worst case situations that people on the street may be going through and systematically, lovingly changes many futures.  

This is one of the only resources in Phoenix that will allow people who are truly struggling to have a place to sleep and a meal to eat. They also give them the opportunity to work on changing their lives for the better.  With a few simple rules, those who are wanting a new life can make the change.

This day at Church on the Street was special. Some friends in Pinetop had it on their heart to ask their church to help with new mattresses.  They provided over 20 new clean and comfortable twin beds to go on the metal bunk stands.

The appreciation from then at the shelter was priceless, even more so the time spent together as a group will log itself into the precious memories category for life!

Keep in mind, every penny from this site goes to efforts like this. Stay tuned for more updates!