Early on in my mission to become an advocate for the less fortunate, actually my very first meaningful and purposeful encounter with a homeless person was with Carlos. I remember driving past him and feeling this taunting in my gut to turn around and go back.

I did...

I asked him if he was hungry to which he replied, "yes, may I please have some water and a sandwich?" I want you to keep in mind; Carlos was sober and of sound mind even though he is homeless and very rough to look at.

I went into the Circle K next to the lot he was sitting in and bought some chips, a gallon of water and a few hot dogs. The minute I went over to him to hand the bags over he raised his hands and sincerely uttered, Thank you, Lord, you always keep your word and feed me daily.

I was taken back because it had been a long time since I thanked God for anything yet alone with all my heart.

This day changed my life.