I have spent the last 12 years trying to understand how to express myself to the world. Trying to share my thoughts with a sincere mission based on helping other people with the trials and tribulations I have personally faced. I also desperately wanted a channel to dump my thoughts, vision, and how I see the world with photography.

I failed.

I was not consistent, and to be completely honest, after a life-changing event. A brain tumor. I am sure the prior posts may not have made much sense. That is why we are here, why I am here. I am at a place where clarity is quickly becoming standard. 

A habitual review of the past is a welcomed format of lessons learned and the future, regardless of what it may hold. Is peaceful. At least in my own mind. I will be leaving a few old posts up, but am sure that I will review and edit them sooner than later.

I have a personal mission with this blog that is twofold. 1. To clean up my photography collection by doing one post in the order the photos were taken by sharing the experience I felt and why I took the photos.

Second, I want to get my perspective on this world out of my head. Hopefully, it can impact you in a positive, insightful way. At a minimum, it will allow me to get these complexities out of my head into a tangible format. 

Today is Tuesday, May 24th, 2022. I will have the following post by Thursday, May 28th, 2022. A promise to you, motivation to myself. 



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