The big question.

So why have a personal blog Sergio? That my friend is a great question. I have fought this idea for over a year now, I had it on my todo list as "create a blog for therapy", it sat there nagging at me. Staring at me every time I reviewed my lists of things in my life that I felt were viable or important.

It wasn't until I was driving to a client's office with a dear friend who is an atheist, a friend who engages me in difficult conversation across a broad spectrum of topics. A friend who's IQ is right up there with mine. Now please don't take that as bragging. It is what it is. Anyhow, the conversation always ended up back at my theological perspective regardless of the topic.

On this particular trip he suggested that I share what he validated as a very unique view on God. He felt that even after his research on the religious systems of today that my view was very different. So much so that he encouraged me to share it. Now please keep in mind, my gift is not writing. So bear with me on composition and grammar. I promise I will do my best to share my perspectives in a way that promotes deep thinking with resolve as the end goal.

My hope is that you understand why my counterintuitive view is viable and that you don't simply take my word for it, you become a critic for your own well being and eternal future. Also keep in mind that this blog is not just about religious topics. It is my personal space so therefore I may just share my perspective on all kinds of things, albeit my passion for getting this position across as it relates to God is my main priority.

Feel free to comment and share your feedback. I am sincerely open to a healthy discussion.

Stay Tuned.


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