Life can get crazy, especially when you are self-employed and married to your high school sweetheart and have six amazing kids. I wish I could tell you I have always had this thing we call time and how we use it figured out. I have not. I have a ton of regret, and when it comes to being a dad, that pile has mounted over the years.

Thank God that I have learned that mistakes, even though they can have a lasting effect on the lives they impact. You can take advantage of the present and make an earnest effort to change the future. I wish I could go back in time and adjust where my focus took hold. I cannot, what I can do is make an effort to be a better husband, father, and provider with the time blocks I put the priority on now.

This photo represents one of those precious moments where I put everything aside and focused on just enjoying one of my children. Asher loves photography, so much so that he has adopted the very camera I used to create The Bad Wrap software for his personal use.

This shot was captured one early morning in Jerome at the infamous Gold Mine. Asher, at his level, saw this beautiful Mack Truck and caught it amazingly well. In my humble opinion. That is a bonus. Watching him squat and focus, observing him consider where his camera was to be centered, all lend to the beautiful moment. What makes this photo so precious to me is simply the time spent with him and the smiles, conversation, and memories that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

In closing,

I will post more of his work very soon, and I have to allocate time for this and to run my full-time business. However, this site, the purpose it serves in raising much-needed funds for people on the streets, is a relaxing distraction.

I might add any profits from the prints sold that he has taken become divided up for two very distinct purposes. One, he puts a small portion aside to save for a new camera and two, he also helps with homeless work.


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