Married my beautiful wife at the ripe young age of 17 years old. Our oldest child was born in August. Yes. We are still married.


Secured my first degree. Went into the workplace doing everything but what I went to school for.

Fast forward...

I have come to place where I honestly believe that life is often, as well as the systems that adhere to it, are more often than not misperceived which is what has led me to this place. A place where I can share my thoughts and let people ponder them. These perspectives that I am sharing in the space that I am sharing them are free from the inclinational demand of illogical response.


Opened the first vehicle wrap shop in the Phoenix Market. Others were doing them, however we opened the first shop that focused exclusively on the fine art of wrapping vehicles for marketing purposes as well as the custom market.

Works included projects for Clear Channel, Geico, Brookes and Dunn and Rascal Flatts.


Engineered and patented the leading software to design vehicle wraps. Saving shops over 8 hours in methodical template preparation.
Sold SNA Graphics and The Badwrap™ design system.
Made my 1st Million.
Became the CMO of Fellers inc.


Developed 3 certification programs for vehicle wrap installers. Fellers Certified, Lowen Certified and 3M certified.
Took on the Role of VP of Marketing at Lowen.


Diagnosed with a brain tumor. Surgery went well and changed my life. My faith, my mission to help the less fortunate and create a life passionately worth living.


Awarded for helping the worst performing SkyZone Trampoline park take their sales to new heights via DeSoto Consulting LLC.
Reached our goal of feeding over 2000 homeless people.

A new era is upon us. Life has been interesting to say the least. This is the year where my personal mission is to build this brand like I have many others into a sustainable source of much needed services for the homeless community at large.

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