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counterintuitive thinking.

Have you ever wondered what your passion in this life is supposed to be? I have, I have wondered for many years and pondered the very purpose of my existence. More than once by the way. I have spent so much time working on projects that have not only taught me a ton of valuable life lessons.

They have also yielded surreally life experiences. With that said, I have come to place where I honestly believe that life is often, as well as the systems that adhere to it are more often than not misperceived which is what has led me to this place.
A place where I can share my thoughts and let people ponder them. These perspectives that I am sharing in the space that I am sharing them are free from the inclinational demand of illogical response.

It's a place where I can express my thoughts clearly and give you the opportunity to chew on them. I do hope I can clearly articulate why my point of view is often rejected in a way that give you a personal insight into how I see the world . With a sincere hope that your mind is opened in a positive way.

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If you would like to contribute your counterintuitive thinking and become a guest author let me know! I look forward to hearing from you! 

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