A decade passes in a flash but a moment can last forever.

I was sitting with a close friend, an iconic figure in Phoenix history amongst many high profile people, celebrating his 97th birthday. One of those people was Trent Franks. Trent genuinely engaged the attendees and as expected was rallying support, getting photographs and making small talk. However, one of the things he said, stuck with me.

Ever since that encounter, I have tried my best to make the most of capturing special moments, so they do last forever.  One of the most exciting parts of this journey has been learning to be cognizant of the things that surround you daily. I have captured a whole new outlook on life by taking the time to journal daily, keeping track of ideas and encounters and recapping my day nightly with a few key factors included. Always.

What I saw and felt, what I missed and learned as well as what I am truly grateful for having, experiencing. This new habit has changed my world.

About a week ago my Grandmother was taken to the hospital due to poor responsive engagement with family. Taking into account all the history in her medical journey and factors that were causing this new event. I knew that time would be short.

After several meetings with family, we all opted to have her transferred to hospice so her time with us would not be clinical, it would be comfortable.  This decision is hard; it goes against the natural grain to keep things going, with hope for a positive outcome which when you grasp the reality of the situation both logically and emotionally, it changes your perspective.

There was a change after a few days at home with her breathing. It became clear that her time to be heaven was approaching quickly.  I went to spend some quiet time with her last Sunday morning.  Even though she could not speak, I knew she could understand my words. Also though she could not look at me or make any effort in facial expression, she sure let me know that my time there was cherished.

She slowly lifted her arm slightly above the mattress, and her hand was open, ready to hold mine. The second I engaged her that moment was sparked, and I had a personal obligation to capture it, yes for my benefit.

I reached for my iPhone and snapped the photo you see above. Selfishly, it's mine although I am sharing it with you. Strictly for the hope that I can compel you to do the same. The benefit is mutual.

I will always remember that moment by her bed, and I will never forget the timing, the moment and the softness of her hands. I will always remember the effort in her grip and the sincerity of her grasp. What I have shared is a moment that will last forever.