Shooting in Northern Arizona

I have to tell you, I am a lucky guy and here is why. I have a great friend in my world who not only loves helping the homeless but also loves photography. These sort of trips are a huge blessing because I get to hang with my brother and shoot some awesome things that are often missed due to their off the beaten path locations. I am going to post some highlights here and steady add them to my shop. ( Every print sold helps the less fortunate.)  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did the experience of capturing the photos below.

Realtor in Surprise Arizona | Lamont Cheeks

Navajo Nation

at and abandoned hotel on the way to Tuba City
Early 1800's school house between Tuba City and Hidden Springs
Parked along Highway 89 | the wander™

North of Flagstaff

Abandoned Trading post on Highway 89

Flagstaff outer edges ( Northeast on 66 ) 

Early 1800's Barn
The Barn Door
and old Massey Harris Special
The old feed barn

I hope you enjoyed these! Prints are available by clicking Here.