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Meet Pastor Ralph

alph was an iconic example of what faith and hope genuinely look like, and he was a massive example in my world on what it means to follow Jesus.

Real Christianity Explained | 1 blog Post - 2 Words

What a confusing topic, I Am not a professional writer however, I do have a unique perspective...

I'm Just A Nobody Tryin to Tell Everybody

Early one summer morning, I went to check on a friend who lived in downtown Phoenix, I was fortunate enough to meet Willy.

The best example of a real church model.

What the Marine Corps has that the church today doesn't, but should.

Does your Pastor really know the bible?

So many partake in the church as it is presented today, is it right? You Decide!

The reality of Original Sin.

A different perspective on the Original Sin.

The Gospel Transaction

Yes, this is a transaction. How it's taught and responded too are delved into here.

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