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Hard Times


Meet Pastor Ralph

alph was an iconic example of what faith and hope genuinely look like, and he was a massive example in my world on what it means to follow Jesus.

Do you see what I saw?

Sometimes so fast that we don't stop to engage the small things that scrape across our visual landscape.

I'm Just A Nobody Tryin to Tell Everybody

Early one summer morning, I went to check on a friend who lived in downtown Phoenix, I was fortunate enough to meet Willy.

Meet Enrique

Never judge a book by it's cover, this young man made that clear to me.

Abortion. A Different perspective.

Take a step back and think about it. This is no easy issue to discuss.

What you don't know...

I was wrong for judging anyone. I did not know the backstory.

A decade passes in a flash but..

I was sitting at a close friend, an iconic figure in Phoenix history amongst many high profile people celebrating his 97th birthday.

A moment I will never forget.

A photo trip to Phoenix Children's resulted in a lifetime memory.

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